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The first year ever, or the first year all over again... Baby's first months can be a challenge! This section is specially created for new moms of the pre-toddler set to ask advice and share ideas... and revel in the companionship of other people going through the same wonderful ride!

From toilet training to tantrums, from bottle to sippy cup, from sleep issues to food issues, the Toddlers & Preschoolers section in that perfect place for giving and getting advice about your little ones.

A day in the life of a newly married couple - setting up home, money & finance, romance & relationships and more!

Moral support, encouragement and your own personal cheerleading squad awaits you here! Start a weight loss diary and share fitness and diet tips here!

Share helpful fashion tips, link a picture of your gown and disclose personal health and beauty secrets here!

Getting into the "nitty gritty" of planning out the ceremony and reception details? Exchange idea's on d├ęcor & details, music & entertainment, food & drink and more!

This is the forum for friendship and advice on special situations and family matters that may require extra care and attention.

This section is for all things financial.

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Are you ready to start a family? It's not always as easy as a 'twinkling of the eye' - getting pregnant has it's challenges (and you thought wedding planning was tough!). Click here to connect with others in the early planning and pre-conception stage.

Where newly engaged couples discuss the "first steps" in wedding planning - from setting a budget to hiring professionals and more. Don't be shy, introduce yourself!

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Where in the world are you going? Reveal travel destinations and honeymoon plans here!

Planning an out-of-town wedding has it's challenges! Swap ideas with similar couples saying "I Do" far from home!

WOW - You did it! You got married...and all of the other 'WEDDINGBELLERS' want to hear your story! Give us a moment by moment recap of your special day here!

By popular request, a section for those of us who still enjoy a good book.

Betcha can't wait to post in here! A few weeks shy of the grand event you are busy being the guest of honour! Don't stress, enjoy it to the max!

Whether you want to talk about high school, little league, driving lessons, or just plain life with kids, ask and offer advice here in the School Age, Tween and Teen section.

It's time to spill the beans - share your favourite family recipes with WEDDINGBELLERS from coast-to-coast!

By request this category was added so that those couples still counting down could benefit from the wisdom of those who have taken the plunge before them!

Are you sick of 'reality television' or will you confess you are one of the addicted? Devour TV gossip and catch up on missed episodes here.

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Feather, fur, or scales... We know they're still "family"! Post pics, share tips and stories, or ask questions about these very special "family" members here.

From prepping the invites to dress fittings and suiting up, time is running out!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Baby News and Announcements are here!

You're now well on your way to the nitty-gritty details in wedding planning.

Countdown the days with other couples on the brink of attending pre-parties & events and finalizing last minute details leading up to the "Big Day". See "WEDDINGBELLERS" Wedding Dates here!!!

Unfortunately for many reasons, things don't always work out perfectly that first time. This section is for those extra tries.

Okay, so with the date officially set, you can start your countdown here! (Unless of course, you have taken on the challenge of planning your wedding in under a year!)

With so many decisions to make, where do I begin? You may find some of the answers from others sharing this planning stage here!

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From unique proposal ideas and arranging formalwear to wedding day toasts and tributes - the place where men become "Groom"ed!

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We know that members of the Armed Forces and their families have some unique situations to deal with in life. Whether you're engaged or married to someone in uniform, or are in uniform yourself, this is the spot to ask those questions specific to your situation, or get the support you need from other folks in the know.

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