Tell me about exclusive pumping

So I've sorta struggled with BFing (supply, latch) but we're trucking along. However, due to the BFing issues and reflux, DS is a snacker. As well, he is a horrific sleeper and I'm lucky if I get 2 hrs at a time overnight. He also eats at least every 2 hrs during the day. I'm getting reaaallly tired.

My doc suggested switching to exclusive pumping at some point and supplementing with formula if needed. I'm thinking about doing this at 6 months when we start solids. I just don't know that I'm ready to give up the BFing relationship just yet.

So, I have questions:

- why did you switch to pumping?
- what is your pumping schedule like?
- will I still need to pump overnight even if DS does miraculously sleep?
- I have a Medela Swing, is that enough or do I need a hospital grade pump?
- anything else about how pumping actually works, since I have no idea!


 17 Dec 2009 8:42 AM
 11 Mar 2005
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To be honest it SUCKed being a slave to the pump

I pumped from day one as we had issues

I pumped every few hours or every hour when my supply was dropping

dd just started sleeping though the night, so yes i pumped every nights in the middle at least once.

We rented a pump as i could not get my hands on a new one fast enough.

Good luck

 17 Dec 2009 9:39 AM
 3 Feb 2005
I was exclusively pumping from day 1, by choice. I never tried BF. And I only had to supplement with formula the first 2 days, so just because you EP, doesn't mean you will have to supplement. Plus your LO will probably be starting some solids at 6 months, so he will stop drinking as much anyway.

You will probably have to do a single pump at night. I think at 6 months I was still doing 4 pumps for 20 minutes a pump. And you will definately need more than the Swing. I have the Medela Pump in Style Advance, but you might want to try renting a hospital grade one first before you commit to buying.

 17 Dec 2009 9:44 AM
 21 Oct 2007
 Ottawa, ON
I am a slave to the pump too!

I pumped since day 1 as we had issues also.

In the beginning, I pumped once every three hours. When DD was two months old, I pumped every four hours. I did pump in the middle of the night (i.e. 3am) up till about a month and a half ago as DD no longer needs a 3am feeding. I usually pump before I go to bed (around 10:30pm) and I pump again at 5:30am. My boobs are often engorged when I wake up in the morning, but I am used to it now.

I had a Swing too but noticed that it took too long to pump (in the beginning it took me an hour to pump both boobs) so I got a Medela Pump N Style and it takes only 15 mins to drain both boobs!

 17 Dec 2009 9:52 AM
 5 Feb 2008
 Ottawa, Ontario
We had trouble with latching around the 7 week old mark. After failing at trying many different things and hours of screaming trying to breastfeed I gave up and exclusively pumped from then on. I have just started in the last week breastfeeding once or twice depending during the night as I hated pumping during the night and Nate has taken to it. I pump throughout the day every 3-4 hours.

Oh and I have the Swing and it work perfectly for me. Takes me 15 minutes to pump and my son is eating about 24 oz a day right now. Some days I even have enough to freeze. So I'd try with the swing first before upgrading. smile Good luck, I don't find it so bad and I do love knowing how much DS is getting to eat every day!

 17 Dec 2009 11:49 AM
 4 Apr 2006
I started pumping 3 days after DD was born. BFing hurt like WBhell and the pain never went away.

Initially, I pumped after every feed - so about 7 times a day. It was very time consuming but I thought it necessary to try and establish a good supply (which, for me, never really happened). Once DD starting sleeping the night I dropped the middle of the night pump and it didn't seem to affect my supply too much. I imagine at 6 months PP you won't have to pump during the night.

I couldn't pump enough for DD, so I had to supplement with formula. I stopped pumping at 3.5 months due to the supply issues (DD was getting less than 50% BM and it didn't seem worth the time and effort).

I have the Pump in Style and really like it. Like PP said, I'd try the Swing and see if it works for you.

 17 Dec 2009 12:43 PM
 27 Jul 2006
I've been exclusively pumping for about 1.5 months. I decided to switch because of some of the reasons you mentioned, DS was a snacker, and he didn't have a very strong latch.

I hate being a slave to the pump but I do find it easier in some regards as I know how much he's eatting and he's still get just breast milk.

I pump every 3 hours, and I pump in the middle of the night. So around 2-3am and then again at 5-6am. Sometimes I will go 4 hours if I am out and just can't make it home during the 3 hour cut off. From my reading on the Pumping Sticky it's good for supply to pump over night and that's when you do get the most milk.

I have the Medela Swing but was constantly getting clogged ducts (like 5 a week)! And it was horrible so I have since rented a hospital grade pump and I have only had 2 since then (it's been about 2 weeks). I like the double pump as it cuts pumping time in half and you can boost your supply as well by having the double pump. Many ladies have said the PIS is a great double pump.

If I were you I'd read through the pumping sticky lots of great information for pumping moms. It is working for me and my son but if I could EBF I would just for convenience.

Good Luck!

 17 Dec 2009 9:30 PM
 15 Dec 2008
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I exclusively pump since 5 weeks PP.

When the baby was first born, she never latched properly at all and was not satisfied so the nurses gave her formula.

I was really weepy in the hospital about it so I saw a LC there. She told me to pump and suppliment with formula after each attempted bf. I couldn't bf much in the beginning because I ended up with scabs from baby's incorrect latch.
I saw a LC for 5 weeks and it was the saddest, most stressful time ever!

We rented a hospital grade pump that I used for the first 5 weeks. What made my mind up to exclusively pump was that aside from latching problems, DD was screaming at my breast at every attempt! When I would push through it and feed her, it would take an hour and then she was hungry again 20 minute later!

At this point, we bought the medela pump in style advanced and I have never looked back since!

In the first 6 weeks I pumped every 2 hours, sometimes every hour to increase my supply. By 2 months, I no longer needed to suppliment ad I was producing enough milk.
I now pump every three hours. DD STTN so I do not pump at night. I have tons of milk in the morning so I pump till my boobs are emptied (more than the usual 20 minute pump).

I freeze the extra milk.

I do get milk blisters sometimes but my doc gave me a prescription cream to use after each pump which has really helped!

What else...?? Hmm... Oh yeah, I suggest a double electric pump as it really increased my supply and cut pumping time in half!

 17 Dec 2009 10:59 PM
 30 Jun 2008
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I switched to exclusively pumping when DD was 2 and a 1/2 months old. She was becoming to distracted while BFing and breaking her latch to look around... which upset her because she in turn would expect the breast to follow her wherever she wanted to look. DD is also a slow gainer, and my midwife used to tell me I had to force DD to eat whenever she seemed hungry or slightly fussy... which I think in turned stressed me out... so at least with pumping I was/am able to monitor how much breast milk she is taking in.

I usually pump every 2 to 3 hours starting from 8AM each day and finishing at 11 or 12PM... So usually I have 6 to 7 pumping sessions during the day. Each session I will pump and drain both breasts. I don't pump over night... for the first few times I didn't I woke up very engorged, but I eventually regulated in that regard.

I use to have the Electric MiPump, and it broke after two uses. I have since switched to a manual Lansinoh pump and it works wonders for me. I find I can pump faster with my manual pump than I could with my manual pump.

If you have any other Q's or what not feel free to PM me. smile

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 30 Apr 2012
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