Flying with an infant?

I'm looking for some information about flying with a 5 months old infant. I read on Westjet's website that a child under 2 can travel on an adult's lap for free, but if you want to use a car seat to secure the child during the flight you have to pay full price for the seat. A friend of mine (in the US) said that if she requests it at the time of booking, the extra seat for the car seat is usually free (on a US airline). Has anyone had this experience with WestJet? If you request it early enough is there any possibility of getting the seat for the car seat for free?

If the child is on your lap, is it awkward or a problem during the flight (we're talking an hour and a half flight)?

 31 Jan 2012 2:49 PM
 18 Aug 2008
 Toronto, ON
I never requested an extra seat for my carseat when travelling with LOs. But the times I've travelled, my flights have been full so it wouldn't have been an option.

I travelled with YDS when he was younger (5 months) and it was a good age. He was in my lap the whole time. The toughest part was when he had a diaper leak and I had to change him but aside from that it went well. He BF'd on takeoff and dozed most of the 2 hour flight. Even when he was awake he was pretty content, I just sang to him mostly.

 31 Jan 2012 3:07 PM
 30 Dec 2009
I have flown West Jet with DS many times. If there is an extra seat they will move passengers so they don't have to sit beside you. I have never used the car seat in the extra seat though. I highly doubt they will save you a seat on a plane for free if you book early.

I have done a 5 hr flight with DS 3 or 4 times now with no issues. He loves to move so there was lots of walking up and down the aisles. Over night flights were fine too. The humming of the engine and the darkness made for a good sleep smile

And in response to 2009baby poop statement: The flight attendant told me it is super common for poop explosions on airplanes. It's something to do with the air pressure change making them poop like crazy.

 31 Jan 2012 3:12 PM
 30 Jan 2010
We took LO on 1.5 hr flight at 5 ish months. I held him on my lap and he was fine. I did bring my carrier to use while in the airport and getting on and off the plane. I'd hate to lug a car seat (I'm assuming you mean bucket seat) on and off the plane. Doesn't seem like there would be much room in there for one anyways. I'd recommend if it's two adults traveling to book the aisle and the window seat because if there is room no one wil book the middle seat and you'll get a whole row to yourself.

 31 Jan 2012 3:44 PM
 19 Jan 2007
I flew with DD at 4 and a half months, she was on my lap the whole time, it was a 2 hr flight and she was fine. I dont think they would ever give you a seat for free with the car seat but I could be wrong...

 31 Jan 2012 4:53 PM
 15 Jun 2006
 Sudbury, Ontario
At 5 months old I would just have baby on your lap. We flew a few times with ODS when he was 2 months old, and then at 3 months old, and he was great. We did 2 flights of 3.5 hours each and it wasn't a problem having him on my lap. He mostly just breastfed and slept. I did have a carrier with me, but didn't use it for the plane.

 31 Jan 2012 5:04 PM
 8 Oct 2007
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I travelled with DD on my lap from 2 months to just before she turned 2 y/o. The younger they are the better but even at 2 years minus a day, it's better than paying what it costs for a seat. If the flight isn't full they should let you bring your carseat on and give you the seat for her if you didn't pay for it.

 31 Oct 2012 11:59 PM
 30 Apr 2012
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