Parenthood - Season Finale - Feb 28

Did anyone else watch the finale? I thought it was really good and I liked that it ended on a happy note for everyone. They did fit a lot into the episode but I liked the pace of it. I'm sad it was already the finale though.

 29 Feb 2012 3:47 PM
 22 Apr 2009
 Edmonton, Alberta
I had mixed feelings about it.

The Zoe/baby thing I think most of us saw coming. It will be interesting to see how Sidney adapts to the new kid in the house - he appeared to be older then her.

I didn't like that they seemed to throw another wedding proposal in so quickly after we just had one last episode, but I am glad Sara changed her mind about the baby.

I wasn't expecting the whole wedding this episode, but I did really like it and it was a nice way to wrap up the season. I didn't like Jasmine's dress and hippy headband at all. I was sad to see the doctor in front of the big empty house after she broke up with him.

Adam's speech was nice and it was good to see his change of heart, but at the same time Crosby should have considered Adam's situation and how much the money could have helped him.

 29 Feb 2012 4:30 PM
 21 Aug 2005
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I thought the episode was pretty good.

I liked the scene with Zoe and Julia, it was raw and real.

I loved the fight between Adam and Crosby. I have a feeling that the whole offer thing won't be over, that is ALOT of money to give up.

I think Sara will say no.

I was disappointed that Drew and his girlfriend had sex and I have a feeling she will end up pregnant.

Jasmine is so annoying, I really can't stand her. I felt bad for Dr Joe after she told him.

 2 Mar 2012 3:41 PM
 10 Dec 2009
WB Chatterbox
I love this show and I really liked the finale.

The Adam and Crosby fight was very entertaining!!

I agree with kms about Drew getting his girlfriend pregnant. As soon as they had sex I thought, uh oh and Sara will dump Mark and help raise her grandbaby.

As if Amber and Bob will be able to work together since it seems they have such strong feelings for each other.

Can't wait for next season.

 4 Mar 2012 6:13 PM
 14 Feb 2007
 North Delta, BC
Seems like Drew and gf had the protection talk the time before the wedding, did they not? I was happy to see them take the next step myself. At least they are in a committed, happy relationship.

I hope Sara says yes!

I can't stand Jasmine and was disappointed to see the whole marriage twist. I was hoping Crosby would crash the car as they left the wedding.

The Julia/Zoe thing was good but predictable.

The Amber/Bob thing puzzles me. Why can't she have her cake and eat it too? Totally unrealistic for someone in love to decline a relationship like that for a short-term assistant job. Assuming the job is for the campaign only. On that note I guess they might be able to rekindle a relationship after the campaign? Why wouldn't they just be frank about that possibility now? Like, "Hey Bob, I am into you, I don't think it's right to work with you and be together, so how about I work for you now and we'll reassess later?"

Anyway. Also agree that the Luncheonette offer scenario isn't over. Did I hear the number correctly? 2.5 million? Crazy not to take that. They could negotiate for Crosby to still work there for X amount of time.

Overall that episode didn't really scream season finale to me!

 6 Mar 2012 3:05 PM
 21 Jul 2004
I didn't think they said how much it was. I only heard that it was more the double the original offer of 1 million.

 6 Mar 2012 10:47 PM
 14 Feb 2007
 North Delta, BC
I thought it was said at some point "2 and a half times the first offer..."

 31 Oct 2012 11:59 PM
 30 Apr 2012
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