Sickness and daycare.

I know they say that it is normal for a kid to be sick when they attend some sort of childcare center be it an actual center or a dayhome. But sometimes I wonder if there is something more going on with my kid. He seems to constantly be fighting something.

Last year the poor guy had 2-3 ear infections a month. The ear tubes have helped that. But I was hoping for a bit of a reprieve this year. Although he is not as sick and needing antibiotics like last year, he still seems to be constantly fighting off something.

YDS is in a dayhome. ODS was in a daycare and I know he got the odd illness here and there but I don't remember him always seeming sick.

So mamas what has your experience been to date.

 23 Oct 2011 5:05 PM
 15 May 2007
 Vancouver, B.C.
I didn't vote in the poll because we are sort of an all of the above type of situation. 1st year in daycare DS started in November, and was out sick at least one day a week EVERY WEEK for months. Tons of ear infections, fevers, more than just colds (though he had those constantly too). Second winter in daycare (same centre, different room) he was sick a bit but not nearly as much. The usual constant runny nose but only a few stay-home-sick type sicknesses, maybe once a month. Third winter (same centre, again a different room) he had again the usual runny nose but I think he was only home sick twice all cold/flu season. So it's improved a lot every year for us. That first winter had me really worried though.

 23 Oct 2011 5:12 PM
 4 Apr 2006
With ODD, the first year in daycare was the roughest. She caught everything under the sun - HFM, roseola, RSV, colds and gastro bugs. She's been at daycare for 2.5 years now and the last 1 year has been pretty good. She gets a cold maybe once every 3 months and gets the odd tummy bug.

YDD has been at daycare for 8 months she's had a constantly runny nose for that entire time. It's mostly colds and tummy bugs, nothing much more serious than that, for now. I'd say she feels pretty crappy for probably 1 week out of each month.

 23 Oct 2011 5:15 PM
 1 Jan 2010
Other than the constant runny nose, DD has been kept home twice since starting daycare 3 months ago. The one time I don't think it was daycare related (she vomited once, we are sure it was food related but chose to keep her home). She's in a centre.

 23 Oct 2011 5:23 PM
 13 Aug 2006
 Calgary, Alberta
I didn't vote. DD gets sick once every 3 or 4 months, maybe more often during the winter season. She has never had an ear infection, and had the flu once. The other illnesses are just runny noses/coughs. She only goes to daycare five or six times per month (part-time), so that might make a difference. My SAHM friends' kids seem to be sick the same amount as DD though.

 23 Oct 2011 5:24 PM
 12 Aug 2008
 Saskatoon, SK
I think my little guy has been constantly sick since starting at his Dayhome just over 6 weeks ago. He started right when kids went back to school and were bringing all the illnesses home. He got Hand, foot and Mouth the second week there, then pink eye, then a cold, and last week the flu. DS is so run down and I have used up all my sick days already.

 23 Oct 2011 5:26 PM
 28 Feb 2009
Don't let this post jinx me...

DD started full time daycare at a center at 10 months old, so around 13 months ago. I voted "immune system of steel" because there wasn't an option that fit her. I've had to keep her home only a few times, I'd say on average once every 3 months since starting. Two of those she was very sick and out for the better part of a week (most recently with bronchitis). The other times would be a day with a fever.

Knock on wood but we've been lucky and other than a fairly constant runny nose (runny maybe 2/4 weeks in a month, but clear through the summer) she's only had a few "real" sicknesses. She's also never had an ear infection.

 23 Oct 2011 5:51 PM
 7 Nov 2007
 Winnipeg, Manitoba
I didn't vote because I'm not yet sure how to answer.

DD started at a dayhome about a month ago. Since then, DH and I both caught the cold from hell, she did not. The DHP's 5y old DD and then a few days later 3y old DS caught the cold from hell with a fever twist. But Em didn't.

So she might have the immune system of steel that DH has(I can count on one hand the number of times he's been sick in the 6+ years we've been together) or I'm just not far into daycare and/or cold/flu season to know what is really going to happen.

 23 Oct 2011 6:06 PM
 4 Mar 2007
B's Mom
DS didn't attend 1 full week of daycare last year from October until March. So far we're only dealing with colds (the constant runny nose and cough) and he's only missed one day.

I'm really praying that he doesn't catch as much stuff this year. He doesn't have his fingers in his mouth *as much* and they wash their hands every time they go to the bathroom now that they're potty trained so I'm thinking he is getting less germs this way. Only time will tell but I feel your pain.

 23 Oct 2011 6:10 PM
 17 Feb 2008
I didn't vote because none of the options fit us. My kids have been sick, but not at any of the frequencies in the poll.

Since restarting daycare when I returned to work in September, they haven't been sick yet (knock on wood! wink )

For the 10 months ODD was in daycare from when I returned to work after mat leave with her until I went off on mat leave with YDD, I think she was sick about 3 times, so once every 4 months ish?

The year I was on mat leave they didn't get sick at all!


 31 Oct 2012 11:59 PM
 30 Apr 2012
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