3 Jan 2011
 Durham Region, ON



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  • New Moms - The First Year
     8 Aug 2012 3:18 PM

    PSA: Momo Baby is on Beyond the Rack

  • Miscellaneous
     2 Jul 2012 9:26 AM

      Have you tried No!No hair remover?
    Anyone have one? I'm thinking of getting one but I'd lobe to know first if the product is any good or it's just a gimick?...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     21 May 2012 2:30 PM

      FF'ers - Formula with iron question
    Car is FF and has cereal every day. I don't find that it impacts him, mind you, I do mix fruit in with his cereal...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     15 Apr 2012 8:53 AM

      Post partum lower abdominal pain
    You could have bruised your bladder if you were pushing a long time. Id make a drs appt if anthing changes or if its not...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     7 Apr 2012 9:04 AM

      Thyroid Issues Post-Partum? Waaahhh
    I got thyroid disease from my pregnancy with DS and have underactive thyroid. After having DS, i became overactive and needed my dosage adjusted. Since...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     2 Apr 2012 1:54 PM

      What do you drive?
    I've got a Trailblazer but am looking at the Ford Escape hybrid for the end of this year ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     1 Apr 2012 9:40 AM

    Sptting up solids
    DS was never a big spitter, until he started solids! That stomach expanding explanation makes a lot of sense! ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     27 Mar 2012 9:24 AM

    Baby twitching/ticks/spasms?
    I wouldn't say 'be worried' but it certainly could be a point of interest to bring up to your doctor. Anything else happen when she...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     27 Mar 2012 9:04 AM

      Size 6 overnights don't fit.. What now?
    AriMi, are you using the Pampers baby drys or another kind? Also, is it the fit, or is he just soaking them? ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     26 Mar 2012 9:31 AM

      Strangers who offer to hold your baby?
    Ummm, just trying to figure out why would you feel shocked and dusgusted? It's people trying to be helpful. If I wasn't comfortable with where...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     6 Mar 2012 10:14 PM

      Rash/redness question. Teething?
    DS currently has a drool rash on his chin too. Also, cheeks on fire. ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     6 Mar 2012 10:11 PM

    Teething and diarrhea
    no, just a sore bum from the rash but i was worried since its been 4 days and has since changed from brown to yellow....

  • New Moms - The First Year
     6 Mar 2012 9:32 PM

    Teething and diarrhea
    DS is teething and has had diarrhea for 4 days. It has now turned yellow and he's developed a diaper rash. Would this make you...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     4 Mar 2012 8:47 AM

      What you didn't buy/use?
    Umm, clothes?! I had all kinds of outfits for DS and he grew so fast that he never got to wear them. I never bought...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     3 Mar 2012 8:58 AM

      September 2011 Moms!! Month of March 2012!
    What should I be looking for in a next car seat? Should I go 3 in 1 or anything special? I cheaped out on my...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     2 Mar 2012 12:19 PM

      Constipation? How to get the poop out?
    Violet, for future, you could also put done Vaseline on your pinkie and give her a little poke. I found that the ready to feed...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     1 Mar 2012 7:53 AM

      Constipation? How to get the poop out?
    Yep, they say only worry after 9 or 10 days. Does she seem to be in pain or tummy rock hard, DS used to not...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     26 Feb 2012 3:32 AM

      Please help - fussy eater (FF)
    I would absolutely say gas, and totally normal! My DS was like that for a long time. If you like the born frees, stick with...

  • Miscellaneous
     24 Feb 2012 8:42 PM

      Re: 10 things that you always have on hand
    coffee milk cheese microwave popcorn double bubble bubble gum beef broth lentils cornmeal onions OJ Wow, looking back, that's a pretty random list! ...

  • Miscellaneous
     24 Feb 2012 8:39 PM

      Re: I want meatloaf tonight! Help!
    Well, I kind of improvised! ground beef one egg Lea & Perins S&P bread crubs beef gravy ketchup one onion chopped. the beef gravy was...

  • Miscellaneous
     24 Feb 2012 4:54 PM

      Re: Do you wear a bikini?
    I own 9 bikinis!!!! Sadly, I haven't worn them in about two years. I have one one piece that's been my fall back. Between pregnancy...

  • Miscellaneous
     24 Feb 2012 4:46 PM

      I want meatloaf tonight! Help!
    So I've been trying some meatloaf recipes to try and find 'the' recipe and have nit been successful. Please share your awesome, yummy recipe. The...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     24 Feb 2012 2:35 PM

      What do you use to mix in your LO's cereal?
    I bought the Gerber breast milk or formula one. I use formula. I'll but the water one next ...

  • Miscellaneous
     22 Feb 2012 12:02 PM

      Re: Forums switching to Canadian family?
    Haha! I'm getting a divorce so I think I'd probably make a lot more sense on CF than on WB ...

  • Miscellaneous
     22 Feb 2012 9:06 AM

      Re: Do you know your credit card number(s) by heart?
    Yep, along with my debit, optimum and airmiles. I also know most phone numbers off by heart and all passwords too. I have a super...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     22 Feb 2012 8:55 AM

      Bruising post partum
    Sounds like really low iron ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     17 Feb 2012 8:10 AM

      Waking too Early
    My DS started doing this last week and it's very frustrating. He also won't sleep more than a 9 hour stretch or so. I've never...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     15 Feb 2012 11:21 PM

      When to replace nipples
    I found that when I was using drop-ins, the playtex nipples would go like that after a while. They didn't quite stand up as well...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     15 Feb 2012 11:18 PM

      Pampers and Huggies codes - worth it?
    I've been collecting Pampers codes since day one. I use them for ordering stuff from Shutterfly mostly. ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     14 Feb 2012 4:33 PM

      Help me figure this out - sleep in a 4.5 month old
    I had two weeks of crazy sleep regression recently with C, but he's much better now. I just stuck with his schedule and pushed through...

  • Miscellaneous
     14 Feb 2012 4:26 PM

      Re: What life lesson have you learned recently?
    I've learned that the things that initially attract you to someone will likely become the thing that frustrates you about them. ...

  • Miscellaneous
     14 Feb 2012 4:23 PM

      Re: Valentines Day Haters?
    Not a hater, just not participating this year. Ive never actually had a good romantic Valentines Day. One of these years, I want to be...

  • Miscellaneous
     11 Feb 2012 3:15 PM

      Re: What grinds your gears????
    I hate it when you ask someone something and they say "Honestly? Well, blah, blah, blah.." or "Can I be honest with you? Blah, blah,...

  • Miscellaneous
     11 Feb 2012 1:34 PM

      Re: Eating Disorders
    Zoobaby, I think you are awesome! It's kind of nice that she's only 13 and not a bit older. In my experience, it's a lot...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     9 Feb 2012 10:42 PM

      Redness above baby's eyes?
    DS gets this too. I figure it's a baby thing ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     9 Feb 2012 10:41 PM

      5 Week Old With The Sniffles
    Yes, I'd go to the doctors. It's productive enough that it's interrupting his sleep. ...

  • Miscellaneous
     8 Feb 2012 10:36 PM

      Re: What Nail Polish Colours do you LOVE?
    Rimmel's Posh Trash. ...

  • Miscellaneous
     7 Feb 2012 6:04 PM

      Re: Are you a "Mean Girl?"
    Originally Posted By: RedVelvet ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     6 Feb 2012 9:56 PM

      Crying while eating (FF)
    Car cries sometimes when I take the bottle away. Usually its because he's super hungry. He usually stops when there's only a third of the...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     5 Feb 2012 8:32 PM

      October 2011 mamas - February 2012
    Peach: are you ff or bf? I can't remember. DS always sleeps better if I cram him full just before bed. I'll bet if you...

  • Miscellaneous
     5 Feb 2012 8:24 PM

      Re: What type of mattress do you have?
    I have a king sleep number. I guess kind of pointless these days now that it's just me but super convenient when it wasn't. ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     5 Feb 2012 2:01 PM

      October 2011 mamas - February 2012
    Sleep training is going really well here too Xela! Carter is sleeping so well at night, he's even dropped his night time feed! Glad to...

  • Miscellaneous
     5 Feb 2012 8:56 AM

      Re: If you could choose one WBer.....
    I'd like to meet my west coast mamas from Sept and Oct moms. They seem chill and I dig that. I'd also like to meet...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     4 Feb 2012 11:11 PM

      UPDATE: Coupon swap thread X-Posted
    I'd be up for that! Count me in! With phones and computers and email, there's something fun about sending little envelopes in the mail! ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     3 Feb 2012 6:53 PM

      post pregnancy thyroid issues
    Once it goes out of whack, it doesnt go back. I now have thyroid disease for life. If it only slightly went off in a...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     3 Feb 2012 5:00 PM

      post pregnancy thyroid issues
    I developed hypothyroidism during my pregnancy. Now after having DS, I'm currently hyper. They decreased my dose, but the meds are for life. ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     1 Feb 2012 10:14 PM

      Swollen down there?
    Peach: my child didn't have it, but I still think it's going to be fine. Call the DR. I'm sure if it's anything, it'll be...

  • Miscellaneous
     1 Feb 2012 10:10 PM

      You know you're nasty!!
    Just for fun, A POLL!! All the things people do/have done and would likely never admit!! Heeeeheeee. I only included 7, but if you can...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     1 Feb 2012 5:19 PM

      Meeting with daycare provider - questions to ask ?
    I would make sure to ask about what instances the daycare wouldn't want him to come? ie) fever or diarrhea--and be clear about this because...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     30 Jan 2012 7:51 PM

      Powder formula constipates?
    Ugh. I posted and it disappeared. Aquax: I am using Similac Advance. ...

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