19 Mar 2009
 Spruce Grove



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  • The Prairies
     22 Mar 2012 12:11 PM

      Re: David's Bridal Edmonton --WHEN???
    Where is it opening? ...

  • Miscellaneous
     17 Mar 2012 1:48 PM

      Re: XPOST: Bother renovating or sell and move?
    Hands down I would reno. It's hard to find big lots now a days, and it's in a location that you love and the renter...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     14 Mar 2012 12:26 AM

      WWYD - 1st birthday party question!
    I get that it sort of kills two birds with one stone, but if it were me, I'd do them separate. Sorry! I'd want to...

  • Miscellaneous
     12 Mar 2012 12:15 PM

      Re: Twenty-twenty-twenty-four more hours to go
    What's happening? Can somebody explain, I guess I haven't been around here much lately. Got it, just did some reading. ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     9 Mar 2012 2:40 PM

      Ott - Swim shirt?
    I've seen them at superstore too. ...

  • Miscellaneous
     9 Mar 2012 10:33 AM

      Re: Click, click, click
    voted ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     7 Mar 2012 5:15 PM

      How old for jolly jumper?
    3.5 months. We waited until she was able to hold her own head up and it's been a huge hit ever since. And cause I...

  • Fashion & Style
     1 Mar 2012 6:36 PM

      Re: Experts! Please help me find this dress.
    Thank you so much. ...

  • Fashion & Style
     1 Mar 2012 11:27 AM

      Experts! Please help me find this dress.
    I found a dress on jjshouse.com that I really like, but because of the style, I'm not sure if it will help or hinder my...

  • Health, Diet & Fitness
     28 Feb 2012 12:05 AM

      Re: Zumba
    You guys all make me want to take Zumba. ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     25 Feb 2012 3:14 PM

      Amber necklaces
    Thanks for all your opinions. I also would be putting it around her ankle and the beads are all individually knotted. I still haven't decided...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     25 Feb 2012 1:28 AM

      Amber necklaces
    Has anybody used one of these before? We received one as a gift and are not too sure about things being released into baby's bloodstream...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     7 Feb 2012 11:57 AM

      Ear Piercing - Where to go?
    It sounds like Caryl Baker Visage is the place to go, but they don't have a location in Edmonton. Crappy. I also forgot to mention...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     7 Feb 2012 11:51 AM

      Does anyone want similac cheques?
    I know that Tinker uses them. ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     6 Feb 2012 6:47 PM

      Ear Piercing - Where to go?
    DD is just about 5 months old and we want to take her to get her ears pierced. We are a little leery about taking...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     2 Feb 2012 9:31 PM

      September 2011 Moms!! Month of February 2012!
    I have a question about working out. I've been trying. DH and I work out in the basement. We've did some workouts before I got...

  • Miscellaneous
     6 Jan 2012 6:24 PM

      Re: Whats a good amount for monthly spending cash?
    We each get $100 every two weeks, so for the both of us, we get $400 a month. It is to spend on whatever we...

  • Miscellaneous
     5 Jan 2012 9:06 PM

      Re: What would you do?
    The sentimental value would be enough for me to keep them. But, if that isn't the issue, people will buy pretty much anything on Kijiji,...

  • Miscellaneous
     3 Jan 2012 10:06 AM

      Re: Lululemon warehouse sale?
    How do you find out if there is one coming to your area? ...

  • Miscellaneous
     1 Jan 2012 10:55 PM

      Re: Where do you archive your digital photos?
    We use an external hard drive. But I also use photobucket.com sometimes. ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     1 Jan 2012 5:49 PM

      September 2011 Moms!! Month of January 2012!
    My New Years Resolution: Be more involved in this thread again. I don't know how I just never seem to keep up. I check in...

  • Miscellaneous
     26 Dec 2011 11:25 PM

      Did you get any wicked boxing day deals?
    My biggest boxing day deal was getting baby formula in the bonus can on sale! Did you get any wicked deals? ...

  • Miscellaneous
     19 Dec 2011 12:04 PM

      Re: What would you want from your Secret Santa?
    Fantastic ideas! Thanks so much ladies!!!!! ...

  • Miscellaneous
     19 Dec 2011 1:25 AM

      What would you want from your Secret Santa?
    DH does secret santa at work, where all of the staff except 3 are female. They are doing it for three days this week. Tonight...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     16 Dec 2011 11:56 AM

      Crap - formula just went up in price
    I know what you mean! We were getting the Good Start from Superstore for $24.99 and it was the 20% more cans. They don't have...

  • Miscellaneous
     15 Dec 2011 5:45 PM

      Re: Music suggestions for a family slide show?
    Thank you everyone for your posts. I used quite a few of them. It turned out really well and I can't wait to give it...

  • Miscellaneous
     14 Dec 2011 9:50 PM

      Re: Music suggestions for a family slide show?
    Sorry I haven't even had a chance to listen to the others. I was just hoping for a bunch to choose from. Didn't meant to...

  • Miscellaneous
     13 Dec 2011 12:21 AM

      Music suggestions for a family slide show?
    I'm hoping you ladies can help me out. I'm racking my brains and Google looking for songs for a slide show of our family pictures....

  • New Moms - The First Year
     4 Nov 2011 10:48 AM

    We are buying her a sled or a wagon but my parents are buying her a silver cup engraved with her name and birthdate. ...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     26 Oct 2011 11:22 AM

    Can you run the water through the coffee maker and put the bottles in there? I don't know how big the pot is or your...

  • Miscellaneous
     30 Sep 2011 11:07 AM

      Re: What's your favorite board game?
    I love Apples to Apples and Catch Phrase. Scrabble is my favorite classic game. ...

  • Miscellaneous
     30 Sep 2011 11:06 AM

      Re: Spin: Do You & DH Work Together?
    I said other because we used to. We actually met at work. It was a long time ago in a department store, but we worked...

  • Craft Corner
     14 Sep 2011 11:23 AM

      Re: Button Art, where to buy buttons?!!?!
    Thanks ladies! A girlfriend picked some up for me from Fabricland, but I haven't seen them yet. I think they are all stark white. I...

  • Health, Diet & Fitness
     12 Sep 2011 12:19 PM

      Re: WeightWatchers deals and promo codes
    I received a flyer in the mail the other day to pay half price for sign up. Check their website, it usually will have all...

  • Etiquette, Children & Family Matters
     10 Sep 2011 4:25 PM

      Re: wedding party woes - x-post
    We also had a wedding party that was not symmetrical. I had 4 girls and DH had 3 boys. The photographer did a great job...

  • Honeymoon & Travel
     9 Sep 2011 11:54 AM

      Re: Nassau, Bahamas
    You can purchase day passes at most of the resorts. We stayed at the Breezes Bahamas for our honeymoon. Although they require that children are...

  • New Moms - The First Year
     8 Sep 2011 10:58 AM

      Where to buy Halloween costumes for baby?
    We bought ours at Costco. She's not born yet, so it'll be very big on her, but they did have a lot to choose from....

  • Craft Corner
     31 Aug 2011 4:47 PM

      Button Art, where to buy buttons?!!?!
    I've been looking for plain white buttons to do some button art with. Fabric stores only sell them in sets of 4 on a cardboard...

  • Craft Corner
     20 Aug 2011 11:47 AM

      Re: Pinterest - You vs. The Pin
    You're finished versions are way nicer than the inspiration. I'm actually going to pin your wreath! LOL! ...

  • Home Life
     19 Aug 2011 10:41 AM

      Re: Everyday Plates
    We registered for Denby place settings when we got married. We mixed and matched the pattern Jet Stripes. We use it for our everyday and...

  • Miscellaneous
     12 Aug 2011 11:15 AM

      Re: Age when you & DH/FH started dating?
    I was 22, DH was 19 when we met. Got married when we were 27 and 24. Having our first baby at 28 and 31....

  • Miscellaneous
     5 Aug 2011 11:10 AM

    Re: Wedding Video WWYD?
    I would send her an email, tell her she must be happy that she's done with school for the year and ask her when you...

  • Miscellaneous
     3 Aug 2011 12:28 PM

      Re: If you could go to school for anything...
    Photography and because money and time doesn't matter, Education too. ...

  • Miscellaneous
     25 Jul 2011 10:59 AM

      Re: *creepy* Harry Potter newborn dolls!
    Woah. I had to stop looking. Way too creepy! ...

  • Miscellaneous
     21 Jul 2011 5:56 PM

      Re: work spouse
    I work with all women as well, but I do have a work wife. DH worked in an elementary school with only one person his...

  • Fashion & Style
     21 Jul 2011 5:52 PM

      Re: Help Me! Which Bridesmaid Dress?? PICS
    I like number 1 as a bridesmaid. I'd be more inclined to wear number 2 as a guest to a wedding. ...

  • Miscellaneous
     12 Jul 2011 11:45 AM

      Re: Don't Hate Me - I know it's early in the year but.
    I thought this post was going to be about Christmas. But this is fun too! ...

  • Miscellaneous
     8 Jul 2011 6:04 PM

      Re: B-Day Gift for Bros GF 30th. What sh. he give her?
    A Pandora bracelet and or charm would be nice. ...

  • Miscellaneous
     30 Jun 2011 10:58 PM

      Re: Canada Day cake help!
    Thanks everybody for your input. Some of those cakes are insane!!! ...

  • Miscellaneous
     27 Jun 2011 4:52 PM

      Canada Day cake help!
    It's my dad's birthday on Canada Day and last year we made the Canada flag for his birthday with the strawberries. We are trying to...

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